Friday, November 21, 2014

President Paul Issues New Executive Order

11/20/2018 Washington DC 
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Faced with recent losses in the 2018 mid term elections, President Rand Paul will announce today that he has to act now. Congress will not act so he said he has a pen and a phone and will act on his own. The obvious unspoken credit given to his predecessor's controversial actions on immigration in 2014.

The President stated that "heavy burdensome IRS laws and regulations are crippling the  American economy even further and congress will not act to resolve it." And that "Action must be taken" said Paul. He announced today in front of the Federal Reserve office in Kansas City, MO that he will issue an executive order that orders federal law and IRS enforcement officers to stop enforcing the laws regarding tax debt collection and non payment punishments. Virtually ignoring laws that have existed for decades.

Of course this will result in a drastic reduction in revenue coming in to the government so President Paul has announced that beginning with the next fiscal budget, office like the EPA and the NSA will have their available funds cut in half. Also funding for things that Paul opposes like millions to PBS and NPR, millions to Planned Parenthood will be eliminated.

The President believes that this will take millions of Americans out of the shadows of IRS debt and allow them once again to be able to contribute to the fabric of this nation and it's struggling economy. Democrats in the House and Senate vowed to stop the President in what they call an unconstitutional power grab, and an over reach of Executive Branch authority.

ok now back to 2014... Luckily for America, a President Paul would not take action like that. But by allowing it, the precedent is set and once executive branch power is established it is almost impossible to reverse. So I guess the liberals and progressives  that currently are supporting President Obama and his actions will think differently. Well then, for all of you that are on the left on this immigration.

In several years of statement by the President himself, acting like this to get around law would make him an emperor. Now a lot of Americans heard this ans wanted him to act anyway. And amazingly he admits that was he just announces was going against the Constitution. Now a lame duck President in every sense after losing both the Senate and the House he is acting. Unconstitutionally.

President campaigned in 2008 and promised to pass immigration reform the FIRST YEAR after he was elected. The Democrats had control of all 3 branches of the government for TWO YEARS and no immigration reform was passed by anyone. Why not? Only bill passed was by the Senate recently and they knew it would never pass the Republican House. Why? Why now Mr President? And what will the result be?

Here are his own words...

Friday, November 14, 2014

Kelly Has Dystonia... and Faith

Next week, The Blaze Network is going to have an #IChooseHope day on all of their platforms. Our family lived the I Choose Hope thought and this tells a little about Kelly and her hope choice.

My daughter Kelly has lived with trials and pain. But is now well on the journey of healing and restoration. In high school she was diagnosed with dystonia. It runs in the family in various degrees, from simple writers cramp and eye blinking to severe uncontrollable muscular spasms. Initially she had some light movements and the writers cramp and it stayed that way until after turning 24. Then it kicked in and began to progress rapidly and in July of 2011 she was forced to quit her job as she became unable to manage safely. A minor car accident opened our eyes and hers and she decided it was unsafe for her to drive.

Her condition got so bad that her doctor and surgeon rushed the schedule to get her in for Deep Brain Stimulation surgeries. On September 15 she had the first of two surgeries. This one to implant the electrodes into her brain, and a week later they placed the two pacemakers that would control the implants.

One month later after some struggles that included a 12 hour stay in the ER at KU Med Center. This happened when her pain meds were transitioning from post surgery to maintenance and it caused some strong reactions. This is the video from the ER. It is hard for us to watch but an important part of the story. 

With her medication and pain in control, she went in for initial programming. They turned them on and made some adjustments. Improvement is a slow patient process of making slight changes monthly and she has shown improvements almost every visit. Today she goes back in for check ups and has slight programming and medication adjustments but is living a wonderful life and is an inspiration to everyone who hears her story.

Most of us know the amazing turn of events from how a job change for me (Dad) a couple of months before surgery, we were able to add her to our new insurance that did a wonderful job of covering her medical expenses and made all of this possible with minimal out of pocket expenses. There were many more than seemed to some as coincidence but honestly were a great demonstrations of faith and putting things in God's hands.

Kelly is a remarkable young lady and is so faithful and thankful. She is surrounded with love and returns that love many times over by her inspiring spirit. Thank You Lord, for all of the blessings that our family has received. Remarkable!

This is an abbreviated version of her story but here is a video we produced one year after surgery.....

God Is Good ! #IChooseHope

Monday, August 18, 2014

Common Ground... We Need Some!

It has been a long time since I posted anything new but recently my mind had been mixing itself up and causing me to rethink SOME of my approach. My bottom line beliefs have not changed as I stand proud as a Conservative Libertarian and that will not change. But it is becoming more and more clear to me that we ALL have much more in common than we have in opposition of each other. This wonderful nation called America needs for citizens of all beliefs to find and agree on common ground with less partisanship.

Notice that I did not say more COMPROMISE. Most of us react one way or another when we see cars loaded with liberal or Democrat anti Tea Party, anti Right Wing, or stickers pushing pro choice, or man caused global warming. We immediately put up our shields and prejudge the driver and make up our minds about how much this person is WRONG and is somehow beneath us because they just don't get it.

Well you know what... we get the same treatment when those people see our Tea Party flag, our NObama stickers and nothing gets solved. I doubt that someone sees the stickers on either side and says "yeah that's right, I am changing my mind". I still have my beliefs and nothing I see on a car or read on Facebook is going to change that. That is also why I stopped posting partican links on Facebook on my general timeline. I have a group or two that share my beliefs and I post them there to pass info on to like minded friends. Nobody ever has switched beliefs or parties based on a facebook post. And I am pretty sure that a Media Matters sticker or a FreedomWorks logo is not going to make us jump ship, but they WILL put up a barrier to fruitful understanding.

I am not sure if my family even has noticed my change about a year ago. I also am pretty sure some of my close family stopped following me because of my post, especially during the 2012 election. If someone engages me I will have a discussion with them but not in the public comment sections. These are my thoughts and my actions and yours are yours alone. But think about how certain images or messages make you feel and remember that what goes around, does come around and generally right back at you.

One person leading this charge is actually the much hated Glenn Beck. Who is one of the victims of prejudging based on short clips and snippets from long ago. His message has changed and he has made friends with some strange "bedfellows" as he described them. Check out this video from his Blaze Network show... strange but Blogger will not let me embed the video from interesting. One of my favorite quotes was from this interview.... "you can't save the world if you are in a bad mood" said Andrew W.K.

Musician Andrew W.K.
This posting from Andrew W.K. on the Village Voice where he responded to a fan letter, is what shaped some of these thoughts for me. If you have not read it, it is a must read. "My dad is a Right Wing asshole". Here is the final thoughts from that response....

Have the strength to doubt and question what you believe as easily as you're so quick to doubt his beliefs. Live with a truly open mind -- the kind of open mind that even questions the idea of an open mind. Don't feel the need to always pick a side. And if you do pick a side, pick the side of love. It remains our only real hope for survival and has more power to save us than any other belief we could ever cling to.

Your friend,
Andrew W.K.

We are still in troubled times, and we all played a part in getting here. Now can we work together on the common ground we do have? I thinks it's time for us to do so.

We MUST do so.